Enlightenment Coaching explores
and maps YOUR inner universe 
and automates control to YOU!

Use your internal witness to get enough separation from your fears to safely center yourself in security of the infinite.

Remain calm and centered even when you’re nervous.

Create your goals from your Higher Self and apply them through your earthly body.

Finally meet the innermost YOU and become loving friends.

Embark upon the life you were always meant to live.

Meet God in the ever unfolding moment and exist there forever.

Establish balance between learning and forgiveness.

Get rid of the “stickiness” keeping you from making better life choices.

Reevaluate your goals in all areas of your life and then be automatically drawn to achieving them.

...and so much more inside of you!

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Transformational psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized that humans first need attention on a survival level. Enlightenmind instead takes a top-down approach: Evolution of the Higher Self automatically upgrades the Lower Self behaviors.
here for more on Maslow’s theory.


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