Why EnlightenMind?

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How many more lifetimes should you wait?
Now is the Time. You are the One...

Enlightenment is the natural state of the soul...

Enlightenment can be defined as the experience of inner balance. It can be defined as the experience of being connected to all living things. It involves keeping a sense of cosmic humor. It is the understanding of and acceptance of life’s limitations. It is catching up with yourself on the obstacle course of life. It is a fun ride on a safe roller coaster. It is spiritual yet non-denominational. It is a harmony of higher self and earthly self.

We facilitate something that you do for yourself.
Enlightenment is something you find inside that you forgot but is very familiar.

The EnlightenMind Coaching Process was synthesized from elements of traditional psychology through existential philosophy, dream interpretation, Zen Buddhism, Gestalt and NLP. It encourages sense of humor, balance and health. Enlightenmind propels you forward happily along your own path of living your life of personal truth!

We explore your higher self’s goals, map out how you have accomplished the greatest things in your life and empower you to have greater conscious control in exercising your higher powers any time you see fit.

This dynamic coaching process can be accomplished through face-to-face appointments and/or over the phone. What we are exploring is your inner territory, which can only be done when you become your own expedition leader. We help you chart your own inner landscape and then turn over the map to you.

How many more lifetimes do you have to wait?



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