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What makes you think you aren’t already enlightened?
Our theory is that if you think you aren’t then you probably just forgot...
The challenge is how to “re-mind” someone of something they “fore-got”...

What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Become one of your hands and listen...

How can I be in many places at once?
Look at this question from all angles...

How to see the beauty in all things?
Know that we are all one...

Where do I find enlightenment?
Consider the source of your question...

(It’s not that you “need” someone for your enlightenment -
just that you might find the experience to be meaningful.)

Enlightenmind is a new technique that will feel very familiar to you so that once you begin to “re-learn” it, you will realize that you already understand how to be the master of your life.

Your inner self doesn’t change - it never needs to change. You already have deep within yourself all spiritual power ready to help you.

Enlightenmind is an easy and fun process. It doesn’t change you, it just facilitates lots more of you available to express in the world - whenever and however you wish.

Your Enlightenment Coach

Jeff Teachworth, CGC, CNLP, TLC, attended University of New Orleans, majoring in psychology and minoring in computer science. He was certified as a Gestalt therapist and is a certified NLP practitioner since 1989, including workshops with Richard Bandler, developer of NLP. In 2003, he was certified as a Transformational Life Coach. “Enlightenment Coaching” is Jeff’s unique style of life coaching. Jeff has studied philosophy, mythology and religion, radical Zen, Jungian psychology, dream exploration, holotropic breathwork, and transformational psychology. He is also an editor, a published author, a photographer, and an information technology consultant.

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